Truckee Ski Resorts

The Truckee area has the mother lode of ski resorts, clocking in at eight (counting Mt. Rose, which is about a 25-minute drive away but totally worth the trip)! With so many, how do you choose the Truckee ski resort that's right for you? Well, the first thing to consider is where you want your Truckee resort located. If you stay at Tahoe Donner or Northstar California, your vacation rental house, hotel or lodge is surrounded by ski trails as well as shops, restaurants and other activities, making it easy to get onto the slopes as well as enjoy your leisure time when you're ready to take a break from zooming down the mountains. You can count on extras at these complete Truckee ski resorts too, like snowboarding terrain parks and pipes, ice rinks, cross-country centers and kids play areas – they literally bring the fun to you. The slopes vary widely in difficulty, and both of these resorts offer a cadre of lessons. And there doesn’t need to be snow on the ground in order to enjoy Truckee resorts. In the summer, these Truckee ski resorts transform into havens for hiking, golf, biking, with resorts featuring a lift-assisted mountain bike park.

Athletes Love Truckee Ski Resorts

The other Truckee ski resorts are recreation areas that attract families and athletes for varying reasons. From resorts with 30 rideable features, pipe and jump bag to ones that offer cross-country skiing havens, there’s a little something for every winter sports enthusiast. Family-friendly resorts attract visitors of all ages since it's geared to kids and anyone trying to get the hang of this sliding on snow thing. No black diamonds, no intimidating fast-paced lifts, just snow carousals, snow volcanos and even a snowmobile track (picture go-carts on the white stuff). A couple of privately owned resorts offer a non-corporate atmosphere that feels a little more laid back, but there are still plenty of verticals, snowboarding terrain and tubing play areas to keep anyone going strong all day.

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Tahoe Donner Association

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The sprawling Tahoe Donner homeowners association and its 6,000-plus properties above Truckee mean many things to many people. For some, it is their home neighborhood; for others, it is their vacation house for a few days in winter or summer; and for others yet, it is their outdoor playground. Locals and visitors take advantage of Tahoe Donner’s 7,000 acres of open space and equally more

The sprawling Tahoe Donner homeowners association and its 6,000-plus properties above Truckee mean many more